Thursday, February 19, 2015

So much happening at Hillsdon Road Centre

Hillsdon Road Centre has some exciting new businesses this year. 
Our Courtyard is buzzing with people visiting the refurbished and bigger Abode Cafe.  And with the opening of the beautiful and serene space for Jenna Ward Kinesiology, you now have a place that will help you find peace and centre your lives.  Pop on down to meet and chat to Jenna, another Taringa local most days of the week.
Hot of the Press, is the latest news... the last space vacant is due to open in March, another fabulous Taringa local Rosie.  Renovations are nearly finished and announcements will be made shortly.  Very exciting!   Our Courtyard is going to be all about relaxation, a place to truly chill out and spend time.  'you time' 

We love our little Centre and are so happy we have so many locals operating their small businesses here.  It keeps that heritage and history going that started back in the 1930's of locals operating local businesses for locals!  


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