Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Vibrant changes to Hillsdon Road

Hillsdon Grocer opened quietly in December, under the ownership of brother and sister John, Helen and their families.  Since then the Grocer has changed the face of our beautiful corner with a new paint job and stunning interior.  Add on the fabulous streetscape improvements done by Council - Thanks to Cr Julian Simmonds.

Now full of delicious fresh baked bread, fruit and veggies plus a range of gourmet shelf items and typical pop in convenience items it has brought life back to the heritage of this corner space.  We LOVE the deli selection and Take Home gourmet meals....a lasagne, pizza, or maybe some prawn dumplings?  So much choice, so allow yourself a bit of browsing time!

You can keep in touch with Hillsdon Grocer via Facebook and Instagram:

Phone:  3371 7250